The Family Business International Internship Programme is open to members of any of the national chapters in our Network. As an owner you could host an intern and see your bisiness from the fresh perspective of a Next Generation member. We are very grateful to members of our nation chapters who host trainees. As a next Generationer you could be an intern in a family business in a foreign country for between one and twelve months, It’s a great way to learn before you take up a position in your own family business. If you have more questions please call FBN International at +41 79 731 38 50 or click here to email your question.

Please note that you must be an FBN Member with access to the FBN Xchange Platform to sign up to become a host or intern.

The CII-FBN India Chapter also offers the Family Business Exchange Programme which invites family business members from around to word to connect with Indian family business host throughout the country. This provides the opportunity to share and experience the Indian family business culture, If you are interested in the programme please click on the banner to email Pooja Jha.

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